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The BioGenesis Health Cluster is a non-profit private organization dedicated to the promotion of international education and university cooperation in the field of Health, Science and Engineering and Management. It organizes various scientific seminars, lectures, educational conferences and meetings across the globe which brings together institutions, bodies and organizations from different countries of the world for discussion and cooperation.


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  • Government Officials
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Why to Attend Conference?

  • Interact With Eminent International Speakers
  • Participate in Stimulating Case discussions
  • Join Special Interest Groups
  • Access New and Profound Research Ideas
  • Showcase your latest research findings through either the means of an oral or poster presentation
  • Connect with top industry experts at the conference
  • Avail opportunities to network and exchange ideas
  • Get inspired towards undertaking professional studies
  • Network with likeminded peers
  • Share you knowledge to enhance the growth of your field
  • Gain recognition & earn a reputation
  • Make your presence felt at an epoch-defining making conference

World Congress on Science, Technology, Engineering and Management - 2022 is revolves around bringing Science Technology Engineering and Management research areas synchronically on an individual platform. This conference will draw collectively research fellowships from diverse fields in unitedness, to share their research findings and latest ideas. The main intention of this conference is to integrate interdisciplinary inquiry to deliver the best applications.

Attending this Conference will help participants sharpen their skills and refine their ideas as well as approaches by meeting with their peers and counterparts. They will also have the chance to meet experts and high-level delegates, along with share ideas and research findings from past and present. Participants can build new networks to meet different personalities and learn about the latest tools available.

World Congress on Science, Technology, Engineering and Management - 2022, one of the most meticulous specialist conferences of its kind in the academic world, has been specially devised to present technological and additional assistance to intensify investigation and innovative enterprises, disseminating groundbreaking experimental outcomes, as well as innovative magazines/papers.

The World Congress on Science, Technology, Engineering and Management - 2022 is themed about the distinct distinguished consequences and different hurdles in the fields of Science, Engineering, Technology and Management. This convention seeks to draw together executives, researchers, scholars, and academics in all areas of economics, business management, social sciences and humanities, to provide a global platform for the distribution of significant investigative results, distinguished approaches, and developmental applicability that focus on both modern methods and innovative approaches.

This convention will focus on strikingly advanced conditions in the distinguished developments of Science, Engineering, Technology and Management is foreseen to attract renowned experts from these specialties as well as lesser known domains too. Participating in this conference will support participants and attendees in contemplating their proficiency to sharpen their abilities and improve their strategies using innovative approaches by interlacing with their associates and equals. Participants will likewise be allowed to connect with experts and prominent lecturers and share popular ideas and research outcomes with them.

  • World Congress on Science, Technology, Engineering and Management - 2022. will build a link between business specialists, faculties, students, scholars, experienced researchers, and other academics, facilitating the interchange of opinions and doctrines on innovations in the applied sciences, engineering, management, and technology.
  • World Congress on Science, Technology, Engineering and Management - 2022 will provide a stage for all participants to exhibit their recent research findings that will help their careers move forward tremendously. In order to further redefine their modernization, they can take into account the technical guidance and recommendations of our highly skilled guest lecturers and presenters. Participants at the conference will be offered the chance to publish their articles in reputable journals of worldwide significance. Top articles presented at ICSTM-2022 will be cited in well-known scientific sources and leading journals/publications. Participants will be encouraged to build new networks to engage with new personalities and help them master new tools to keep them active in their area of interest.
  • This conference is good sufficient to provide participants with an unprecedented concentration of networking, education, and entertainment, all in one package. This event will require participants to advance and confront themselves with new ideas and approaches.

  • Send your Original Research paper.
  • Test the plagiarism by yourself before submitting the paper.
  • Send the paper in .Doc Format and take the help of Sample paper from the conference website and read the "Rules and Regulations" of the Conference Carefully.
  • Note the last date of Paper submission form the conference website and send the paper before the last date of Submission
  • Note the Last date of Registration. If your paper got selected you must confirm the registration before last date of registration. Your registration will not be considered after last date of registration and no money will be refunded.
  • Do visit the official conference website(only) and use the official mail id of the conference for all the latest information.(Always refresh the web page for any update)
  • Do check your registered mail ID and Mobile number regularly. Any conference notifications will be communicated through mail and Mobile only.
  • Do Ask for the "Conference Schedule mail " from the Conference Coordinator after Last date of registration only.

  • Do not book your tickets and hotels before taking the "Conference Schedule mail " from our Conference Coordinator.Any financial loss due to travel cancellation/travel rescheduling will not be provided by the organizer due to conference rescheduling.
  • Do not reach the venue before or after the reporting time on the day of the conference.
  • Do not use any adult picture, Controversial map or Picture while presenting and publishing your paper.
  • Do not consider the Payment Confirmation mail(From Payment Gateway) as the Final Confirmation mail. Wait for the "Conference Schedule mail " from the organizer.

Focus of the Conference

As Science and Technology progressed in the last 50-60 years both in Healthcare and Bio-Medical research, the gap between Engineering and Medical Science has narrowed. Advancements in Computers and their usage in every blessed filed have added to this phenomenal progress. Academic progress is seen in many Universities running programs on Bio-Technology and Bio-Medical Engineering. Medical practice has thus become easier, more effective and even cheaper in the entire Healthcare system.

The Biogenesis Health Cluster in Bangalore, India, a wing of the Edward Kennedy Foundation, USA has conducted in the past several conferences, essentially keeping the medical professionals in focus. This year’s World Congress – 2022 has taken a further step in bringing together the entire community of Scientists, Engineers and Technologists with the Medical Professionals. Thus, this Congress would serve as a role model in bringing the professionals from all the above mentioned fields. This Congress will help to clear many of the doubts faced by both the medical community and the other group.

This Congress, which is focussing on the combined effort of both Doctors and Engineers to solve their doubts and problems, desires contribution of papers relating to these fields for presentation.






World Congress On Science, Technology, Engineering & Management - 2022 is scheduled to be held on 2nd October 2022, Virtually by BioGenesis Health Cluster, Bangalore India.

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